Repair, maintenance and service, spare parts for marine engines and diesel generators.

In accordance with the rules of the Russian River Register, ships with a class of PPR from 55 kW require a Certificate of compliance of the marine engine with the technical standards for emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into the atmospheric air.

The laboratory of SC "Techstar" has received a certificate of recognition of the Russian River Register (RRR) and the Maritime Register and can perform the following works:
  • Testing, maintenance and repair of marine diesel generators, main and auxiliary engines, motor pumps
  • Measurement of emissions of harmful (polluting) substances and smokiness of exhaust gases of marine internal combustion engines with subsequent issuance of a certificate of compliance with technical standards
  • Repair and installation of marine diesel generators, main and auxiliary engines, reverse gearboxes, water cannons, swing-out columns on ships with the PPR class, motor pumps
  • Гарантийный и постгарантийный ремонт оборудования
  • Warranty and post-warranty repair of equipment
At present, SC "Techstar" has carried out repair and maintenance of more than 350 modifications of marine diesel generators, running engines of river-sea class vessels, reverse gearboxes, swing-out columns and other marine equipment.

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