A range of services for putting equipment into operation. Design and installation work. Commissioning (NDT) for the commissioning of generator sets.

The Techstar service center provides a full range of services for putting equipment into operation and offers design and installation work, connection to the household electrical network of generator sets. The company also provides installation of additional equipment, fuel tanks, control systems, AVR systems (emergency reserve entry), ventilation systems and exhaust of combustion products.

Specialists of the center carry out commissioning works (NDT) for commissioning of generator sets. A positive result of the NDP is not only the installation of all connections, but also the admission of equipment into operation.

SC "Techstar" has all the permits that allow to carry out a full range of works related to the installation and maintenance of equipment at the facilities. Many years of experience of engineers allows us to ensure fast and high-quality NDT at facilities of any complexity.
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